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Kate Russell


Farming at Hill Ash

Our farm is divided into four main areas: cattle, sheep, arable and vegetables.

Our core farming business
Arable farming forms the backbone of our farming enterprise at Hill Ash. The main crops we grow are wheat, barley, oil seed rape, oats, lucerne and beans. Our land at the upper greensand forms the most suitable arable soils, whilst towards the clay and where contours are restrictive, grassland prevails, either rough or semi improved.

Conservation grazing
We use Belted Galloway and Angus cattle for conservation grazing across our estate all year round. Light grazing on our open landscape supports the local wildlife and natural South Downs habitat. We do not use fertilisers and only graze low numbers of animals (limiting the time and length of grazing in one area). Both overgrazing and under grazing can have damaging effects on wildlife. As a result, we put a lot of time and effort into ensuring effective and beneficial grazing regimes.

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