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Autumn at Hill Ash Farm Estate

We’re so lucky to have such an abundance of amazing wildlife on our doorstep.
Autumn is a particularly magical time to enjoy the downland countryside. Badgers, foxes and weasels are prevalent this time of year, feasting on field voles and field mice. These rodents also make up the main diet for buzzards, sparrowhawks and kestrels. These magnificent birds of prey also eat rabbits and small birds. The most common UK bird of prey is the buzzard with rounded wings and a short neck and tail. We often see them turning tightly overhead in a distinctive v shape as they look out for their next meal.
The redwing and fieldfare fly in to visit us during the winter to feast on berry-laden bushes. The fieldfare are large colourful thrushes that spend their time in flocks. They stand upright and have a slate grey head with a dark brown back and speckled breast. The redwing is the smallest of the thrush family and has a creamy strip above the eye and orange-red flank patches.
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