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Sustainable foods - the environmental benefits of eating food produced at a local level!

It’s official - venison and grass-fed beef can help save the world!

Clare Finney recently wrote a really great article in The Guardian about the top most sustainable foods. To help fight climate change we should eat food produced at a local level to reduce ‘food miles’ including foods such as grass-fed beef and lamb to pulses, mussels and venison. Read Clare’s article here.

Venison and grass-fed beef are naturally low in fat and cholesterol, high in protein and an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and Omega-3. To purchase nutritious local venison and grass-fed beef from our estate, visit our online shop email our team or call 01730 826708.

Later this month, the Government releases its National Food Strategy to provide guidance on a better food system for the future. For more information, visit

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