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Game for Easter?

Lockdown restrictions are starting to ease, the evenings are lighter and the weather is set to be good for most of the bank holiday weekend. Whether you're planning an Easter egg hunt, exploring the local countryside or visiting friends or family outdoors (following the rule of 6), there’s no better way to round things off than with a special Easter meal.

We love game meat because it’s so versatile. If the weather turns a bit nippy why not roast a shoulder of venison? When slow roasted it tastes amazing and makes a healthy, low-calorie alternative to other meat. Have a look at this easy to follow recipe from Fieldsports Journal

If you’re going traditional, we’ve got a great tip for your rack of lamb. Marinate it in garlic and olive oil for twenty-four hours. It crisps up and tastes divine!
To browse our selection of fresh game meat visit our butchers shop:

We hope you have a cracking Easter.

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