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Celebrating World Wildlife Day

Yesterday was World Wildlife Day and celebrated the flora and fauna of the world

During lockdown we’ve been forced to leave our cars behind and walking has become a bigger part of our daily exercise regime. It’s encouraged us to get outside and appreciate things we normally take for granted. Many of us have discovered a natural world on our doorstep that we never noticed before.

For our part, we’ve been busy creating over 200 acres of enhanced habitats dedicated for the breeding of waders. Our growing Lapwing and Snipe population has been established through careful habitat management by providing nesting areas of bare ground, insect rich feeding areas for chicks and critical predator control. Significant areas of low input grazing have been carefully preserved and enhanced as a breeding Snipe bog and as a result we’ve created a critically important habitat for a species in steep decline.

Our cutting and grazing regime of meadows, field margins and verges supports and encourages wildflower diversity and provides forage for bees and other insect pollinators. To date we have over 50 acres of pollinating plots.

There are many ways you can help the flora and fauna in your area. Take a look at the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust website for a few ideas:  Or how about making your own mini nature reserve? There are some great activities on the RSPB website:

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