Game shooting

Shooting at Hill Ash has always been a passion and as the farm has grown over the years so has the shoot. From the early days of a rough shoot through to the present day - hosting 30 plus days a year, we are dedicated to showing a quality sporting bird aimed at testing the best of guns. Shooting is presented across two beats dedicated to high pheasants, we also have a number of drives across our lower ground, still showing a great sporting pheasant but also allowing us to provide some fast and what we would call traditional Partridge shooting.

The shoot is set across 4,500 acres of stunning South Downs scenery. We believe in providing a whole day experience as part of our shoot package, from meet and greet through to full hospitality for our visitors.

We adhere at all times to nationally endorsed codes of good practice and licences set down by the UK Government and defra as outlined on the BASC and NGO website.

Deer stalking and management

Deer management is an important part of our land management strategy across most of the western South Downs. The Estate has a healthy population of Fallow and Roe deer and is managed not only from a sporting aspect but also with habitat damage and deer population numbers in mind. Deer numbers are assessed regularly by qualified staff and where conflicts occur, numbers will be reduced.

We take great pride in the quality and welfare of our game. None of the meat goes to waste from a shoot, everything goes through our licensed game processing plant and, once checked and prepared, ends in the food chain and is a big part of the shoot lunch menu and our field to fork ethos.

At Hill Ash it’s not all about the shooting, we are just as passionate about conservation. Without the skills and hard work of our keepering staff, many of the conservation projects would not be possible. In addition to enhancing environments for farmland waders including Snipe and Lapwing, we also sow around 90 acres of game cover every year. 80% of seed sown is wild bird mixtures as opposed to 100% maize, this greatly enhances the farmland bird population which is diverse and numerous. We continue to feed birds in the hungry gap and keep feeders topped up throughout the year, combine this with areas of extensive game cover and it's no surprise we enjoy such a healthy farmland bird population.

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